TAGLUS PU Aligner Material

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TAGLUS PU is a (PUR & PU) Polyurethane Clear Aligner & Retainer Material.

Polyurethane has many advantages over PETG in terms that its elastic memory allows polyurethane to return to its original shape when stretched, bent or deformed. TAGLUS PU achieves both high strength (from the hard materials) and high toughness (from the soft materials). 

However polyurethane, like all materials, has limitations. Polyurethane is very sensitive to moisture during processing.

(Box 100 Sheets)

Benefits Over its Competitors

  • Highly flexible :Unique formulation results in resulting in higher toughness yet more flexibility
  • Comfortable and durable :High value of elongation at break reduces the risk of aligner cracks
  • Brilliant wear and tear resistance : Designed for long term wear to withstand tooth forces
  • Orthodontic forces :Generates 20% more initial forces Vs other PU materials
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